Wow! This is a product that this humble Soldier/Prepper/Writer had contemplated doing for quite sometime.

A good Bug Out Bag is an item that I have carried for quite a while. If you have one, you should really have three.

Small Kit- this kit is kept with you at all times. It’s should be small enough to throw in the car, or be able to grab whenever you leave the house. For Example my small kit Starts with a CamelBak Mule. This kit had Cliff Bars, assorted meds, small first aid kit, and assorted tools. My trusty Gerber Multi Tool, Zip Ties, Hammer, padlock with key, lighter, matches, water purification tablets, and 2 quart water bladder. I also have 50 rounds or .40 S&W, .22 LR, and 9mm. I keep these because they are the calibers of the handguns that I own. And last but not least, Weapons cleaning kit.

The next kit is Medium. Mine is made by Condor Tactical. It is a larger version of my small kit, plus a few extra items. I include a SOG Tomahawk, collapsible 5 quart canteen, solar/battery powered flashlight, and my Trusty H&K USP Compact 9mm. This pack has 250 rounds of 9mm, plus the standard .40 S&W, and .22LR. My 9mm is in this kit because it is a caliber that is easy to find. A Boonie Cap, Space Blanket, Bungee Cords, and Army poncho “to make a hasty shelter”.

Last but not least is my large Bag. This bag goes with me anytime I am over 50 miles from home. It has every item from the other 2 kits, plus a change of clothes, socks, tactical gloves, binoculars, batteries, large first aid kit, Magnesium Fire Starter, zip lock bags, 5 days of food, packaged water, and room to break down the other kits to go with this bag. It is over 40lbs, but has more ammo, map book, and what I would need to get back home on foot.

I cannot stress the need for these kits in today’s society. It does take a little bit of time, and some money, but these kits can come in real handy!

On to the review of Nine Line Apperal 100% zombie bag! You can find the website at NinelineApperal.com The kit includes NINE LINE APPAREL (100% ZOMBIE BAG) is a 72 Hour Bag that comes with, One GERBER MACHETE, SOG TOMAHAWK, Tactical Weapon Sling, FOUR 33oz USA MADE GriPPer NINE LINE Water Bottles 5 DAY FOOD SUPPLY, (WISE FOODS), LED HEAD LAMP(100,000 HOUR LIFETIME), FOUR 24inch Bungy Cords and SURVIVAL KNIFE with Blade Sharpener, hard sheath, SPACE BLANKET, Fishing KIT, Compass, Spear, Medical Kit with – Stainless steel storage tin, compass, whistle, saw, bandages,fire starter, blades, candle, & other essential survival items perfect for hiking, camping or emergency preparedness, Also comes with NINE LINE APPAREL ONE Wear Your Cause T-Shirt and any NINE LINE APPAREL CAP, Sticker and Beer Koozie. Please put in notes section what Size Nine Line Shirt you want and what hat you want. Choice of bag (olive, tan, woodland, Black ACU or BDU. Specify hat size.

In depth this kit is a good base lot to carry. A lot of weapons, room, cool functional clothing, and gets you off to building your “Go Bag” in the right direction.


Above is the website. You can use the promo code “Mountjoy” at checkout for 15% off!

People may call you paranoid, or tell you that this kit is a waste of money. It’s only a waste if you don’t have a kit when the proverbial [email protected] hits the fan. Zombies, Economic Collapse, Natural Disasters, and other unprepared circumstances justify the cost. With the discount code it is only 340.00 plus shipping and handling. The money supports American Combat Wounded Service Members. Take a look at their website, or feel Free to messages via email, Facebook, or twitter.

Now after reading this you may say “What qualifies this knuckle head to say this is a great starter kit?” I am a retired Non-Commissioned Officer from the United States Army. I have trained with most weapon systems, explosives, radio systems, and a plethora of other things without listing or attaching my DD 214. I am also a University Trained Historian, and writer of the Zombie Apocalypse Series 3 Years After… “Pen name G.R. Mountjoy.”

I hope that you have enjoyed this review and Bug Out Bag lesson.

About G.R Mountjoy

I was born in Indianapolis, IN. Upon graduation from High School, I enlisted in the United States Army and went to Basic Training, AIT, and Jump School "Airborne" at Fort Benning, GA. I served the next three years at Fort Bragg NC in 1/504 in the 82nd Airborne. I spent the next 15 years in the Army with varying assignments as a Sniper, Blackhawk Crew Chief, and as a Recruiter.I have a degree in Business Management from Indiana Wesleyan, and am currently working on a second degree in History and Literature Education. I live in Savannah, GA with my wife, two children, and dog. My passions are reading, sports, and Zombies! I have written two novels 3 Years After..., and 3 Years After... Book 2 "Mission: North Korea".