Excuse me while I try to contain my ire and swallow the bile rising in my throat. The Walking Dead has just reached a syndication deal to begin showing TWD episodes on network channels like WB and UPN during primetime. Why’s that so bad you ask? Stop being an AMC elitist. Let everyone get access to TWD.

Look, I’m all for sharing TWD and I’m all for expanding the audience. But how about doing that with heavily edited episodes? No thank you.

It’s not that I need bad language, violence and adult situations to make me smile (well, maybe a little) but if you cut those scenes out of some TWD episodes out what are you going to be left with? Five minutes of spliced together Dale and Hershel monologues? Some nice B-reel of the farm? I think I’ll pass.

Why not send the spin-off, Spread the Dead (*gag*- sounds like a necrophilic porno) over to the WB? Let UPN have PG zombies. While, I can understand those at the helm of TWD making this decision, I can’t say I support it. I’ll take my zombies unedited, cursed at and on AMC, thank you very much. Honestly, I’ve said it before, but between this syndication deal and the spin-off rumbling down the pipe, I have to ask, is this the beginning of the end for TWD?

FCC, what do you mean I don’t eat brains on UPN and The WB?

About H. E. Goodhue

H.E. Goodhue is an author and educator. Goodhue's series, Zombie Youth (Severed Press) has been called “unrelenting”, “thrilling and exciting” by both fellow authors and literary critics. Goodhue is also the author of Pink Slime, Love Bug and the soon to be released, Tidal Grave and Dry Rot. H.E. Goodhue currently resides in New Jersey with his wife, daughter and two hardheaded pitbulls.