the-brewMany folks may drink until they’re basically zombies (no judgement), but how many of us can claim that we actually drink like one? I guess that depends on how you feel about drinking and brains or is it more appropriate to say, drinking brains. Goat brains to be exact.

At first glance the claim of a TWD homage brew, complete with gray matter seems a bit far-fetched, perhaps some hopeful fanboy/girl scuttlebutt…or dare I say fake? Well, after a bit of research, I can tell you with almost absolute certainty, that yes, you can drink beer with actual brains in it. You’re just going to have to drive to Philly to get it.

The Dock Street Brewery, Philadelphia’s first microbrewery, has turned their love of The Walking Dead into a beer called Dock Street Walker. Now, sure there are a handful of zombie-themed beers out there. Hell, there’s pretty much zombie-themed everything at this point, but how many of those products really pay homage to the undead in the right way? Not many if you ask me, because let’s be honest, zombies don’t care about looking cute or seeing trendy. All the undead care about is brains…and maybe now beer too.

Here’s what The Dock Street Brewery had to say about their creation:

Yup, goat brains.

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H.E. Goodhue is an author and educator. Goodhue's series, Zombie Youth (Severed Press) has been called “unrelenting”, “thrilling and exciting” by both fellow authors and literary critics. Goodhue is also the author of Pink Slime, Love Bug and the soon to be released, Tidal Grave and Dry Rot. H.E. Goodhue currently resides in New Jersey with his wife, daughter and two hardheaded pitbulls.