‘The Way Of All Flesh’ Synopsis:

In a world where zombies battle the living, which is more terrifying?

David is trapped in a nightmarish version of his hometown, pursued by crimson-eyed demons and insane cannibals, with no idea how he got there. At every turn he’s taunted by a mysterious youth named Simon who knows far more than he lets on.

David’s sister, Kate, fights for survival in a word decimated by flesh-eating zombies—and her brother’s one of them. She’s determined to put a bullet in David’s brain to set him free.

Nicholas Kemp is a human monster, a born killer. But in a world ruled by the living dead, he’s no longer the most feared predator, and he’ll do whatever it takes to become that again. He plans to start by killing Kate.

Our ‘The Way Of All Flesh’ Review

In Tim Waggoner’s THE WAY OF ALL FLESH, we join David Croft as he walks through the ruins of his town in search of food, the moment he becomes self-aware. Accompanied by a boy not unlike his childhood bully, Simon, he blunders into a trap set by demons with blazing white faces.

David’s twin sister Kate shoots the zombie he’s with, but can’t pull the trigger on her brother. She follows him through the overgrown town, heartbroken to learn at last that her brother had succumbed to the zombie virus. Confronted by a pack of zombies, she kills them, but in the meantime David escapes.

As memories ebb and fade in his foggy mind, David searches for help against the (human) demons, and sets out to find his wife and children.

Waggoner accomplishes in THE WAY OF ALL FLESH what few zombie novels have: he puts a truly unique twist on the post-apocalypse survival scenario. He remains true to many tropes of the genre—the book is graphically violent, savage, and not for the squeamish—but the psychedelic, unreliable perceptions of David’s zombie-POV is the best spin I’ve seen to date.

Fans of zombies—and of horror in general—won’t want to miss this one!

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