under-the-fleshI don’t have as much of a chance to review comic books here as I do at my other writing gig so when one comes along its a real treat. Today we have a newly launched Kickstarted comic that almost has funding. After I’ve read the first issue for review all I can say is that I hope this is able to pull it off! The first few pages starts as an introduction to how the series is going to play out. We are told about the zombie plague and it is hinted that there is something more to it going on. What is interesting though is this virus can only effect men. That’s right ladies you are safe but the gentlemen out there are no longer that gentle.

The premise is that on Desolation Day a virus turned the men of mankind into zombies. While not all men have been infected as of yet this does appear to be a coordinated attack. Someone, or something, is responsible. That part of the book has me really interested but as this is only the first issue it is a plot line that isn’t fleshed out quite yet.

In this issue we’re following Lt. Ruben Lobos who has nanobot technology pumping through his veins. At first it would appear that it could be why he wasn’t turned but later on we see it isn’t just women who have survived. Lobos is able to save his girlfriend and they setup with a small group who will end up being who the comic follows (until I assume they start to die and have to switch locations.)

While my focus was on Lobos there are more women than men around as they weren’t infected by the virus. There is a great mix from all walks of life and they all have varied personalities which is good to see in comics as all too often in a setup like this you’d see all of one gender pretty much acting and sounding the same. Thankfully that isn’t the case here!

Of course it being a post apocalyptic scenario not everyone is good. It does’t take long for a local biker gang that has also survived the plague to come across them and it looks like we have our first set of intelligent enemies.

Overall the book has a gritty look to it that really works for a post-apocalyptic and J.L. Giles’ artwork is just the right kind of dirty to fit in the world that Gilbert Deltres has written for us. I’d like to know more about this world and see what the cause behind this attack may be. Of course, that seems far too early with the military and leading bodies apparently in shambles at this point. Who knows what parts of the government may still be safe though.

A fun read that gave just enough of an introduction to catch my attention and asked just enough questions to keep me interested.