You duck into the safest-looking abandoned house you can find and hold your breath as you listen for the approaching zombie horde you’ve been running from all day. You hear a gurgling sound. Is it the undead? No—it’s your stomach.

When the zombie apocalypse tears down life and society as we know it, it will mean no more take out, no more brightly lit, immaculately organized aisles of food just waiting to be plucked effortlessly off the shelves. No more trips down to the local farmers’ market. No more microwaved meals in front of the TV or intimate dinner parties. No, when the undead rise, eating will be hard, and doing it successfully will become an art.

The Art of Eating through the Zombie Apocalypse is a cookbook and culinary field guide for the busy zpoc survivor. With more than 80 recipes (from Overnight of the Living Dead French Toast and It’s Not Easy Growing Greens Salad to Down & Out Sauerkraut, Honey & Blackberry Mead, and Twinkie Trifle), scads of gastronomic survival tips, and dozens of diagrams and illustrations that help you scavenge, forage, and improvise your way to an artful post-apocalypse meal. The Art of Eating is the ideal handbook for efficient food sourcing and inventive meal preparation in the event of an undead uprising.

Whether you decide to hole up in your own home or bug out into the wilderness, whether you prefer to scavenge the dregs of society or try your hand at apocalyptic agriculture, and regardless of your level of skill or preparation, The Art of Eating will help you navigate the wasteland and make the most of what you eat.


Lauren Wilson has put together a cook book for survivors of a zombie apocalypse who are always on the go. Pretty much it is the perfect cookbook if you are stuck in a zombie apocalypse, or possibly have a full time job and/or College.

Lauren has divided the novel into sections depending if you are on the run or if you have plenty of time to work on your food. Are you prepared for the apocalypse with items such as MRE’s or are you just raiding the pantry of your house (or the one that you are camping out in)? Either way, the book has you covered!

Of course recipes aren’t the only thing you have on your hands as this also helps by acting as a survival guide. You’ll be able to build filtration systems and fish traps.

Most survivalists out there probably already have a plan of action but for those who have a casual love of how to survive in the apocalype I’d suggest picking up a copy today!

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