It’s that time again. While there isn’t much going on, a couple campaigns caught my eye and I’d like to point them out.

zombie mutation

The first one is a board game called Zombie Mutation: City of Mayhem. I almost feel bad about mentioning this one, since they’re nearly $60,000 away from their goal and only have a few days left to make it. Chances aren’t in its favor. But the game looks interesting at least. Not necessarily the most original game overall but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I feel that the game’s presentation could be improved, starting with the name, but what’s really important is if it plays well or not.


Second we have “Ultimate Night of the Living Dead“. I’m not quite sure what to make of this one. The pitch video kind of sucks. It looks like something you’d show to a bunch of investors and middle-managers who like buzzwords and mission statements instead of consumers who want to know what about your product appeals to them. Diving into the rest of the campaign info, it appears to be a brand new comic book publisher, started up by video game publisher Take 2 Interactive. Though instead of running a Kickstarter campaign to get the comics made, they’ve already got the comics made or in production and they’re running this more like a pre-order system. At least, that’s the impression I get. That would explain why they’re not asking for much, relatively speaking. Only $15,000, which seems like a very small amount for what they’re trying to release. They’re starting with a line of ten different comic series, all taking place in the world of the original Night of the Living Dead. Makes sense, I suppose, since it would be easier to find a fanbase for something already established than it would be for your own original world. And NotLD is public domain, so there’s none of that pesky licensing to worry about.

So, if you can’t get enough zombie comic books, then you’ll probably be interested in this. I’m keeping my eye on it, if nothing else.


As always, please remember that no crowdsourced project is guaranteed. Please familiarize yourself with exactly how Kickstarter and other crowdsourcing sites you may visit work so you can pledge your money knowing what risks may be inherent when donating.

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Ross K. Wolfe is a freelance editor and Spanish translator who writes reviews for things on the side. Hailing from Alaska, he is accustomed to beautiful vistas and normal weather, not that oven-like heat most of you are used to. He considers himself something of a scholar on the topic of the zombie apocalypse.