telltale-the-walking-deadYou gotta hand it to Telltale’s PR team, they sure know how to tease a fanbase. It all started with this tweet:WDteasing

Now, that seems simple enough: Season 3 of their amazing Walking Dead series of games won’t be out this year. But as reported at that doesn’t necessarily mean that there won’t be anything for The Walking Dead coming out from them this year. As can be seen from this brief exchange, there will be something TWD related this year.TWD teaserThis of course let to a lot of speculation by fans and media alike, which in turn led to more teasing and eventually a small clarification.


WalkingDeadTeaserSo, there will be “something major” this year. That leaves a lot of room for speculation so I will now speculate, because I can. At the very least, I am predicting that this will mean something along the lines of the 400 Days DLC for the first season: another episode that takes place in-between the seasons, and follows the story or stories of characters unrelated or mostly unrelated to the main plot. This would be pretty interesting. 400 Days wasn’t quite as good as the the rest of season 1, but it was still pretty darn good and I’d definitely suggest any TWD fan get it. The question is whether or not a single DLC chapter constitutes “something major”. Could they possibly be hinting at more than that? I certainly hope so. Telltale’s take on The Walking Dead is easily one of my favorite video games of all time and this vague news is pretty exciting. I’m looking forward to finding out more from E3.


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