Walking Dead Prison

So, a few years ago I reviewed The Walking Dead: The Board Game. Quick recap: I loved it, it’s quick and it walks a fine line between cooperation and vicious competition. I felt that at the time it was easily the best translation of the comics to board game format there was and it probably still is. It’s also near the top of my list of great zombie apocalypse board games out there. Well, it looks like it might now have some real competition, since the same people have finally released the next installment in the form of The Walking Dead: The Prison. It looks to be using the same basic ruleset, though I imagine that there are changes, otherwise it wouldn’t be a standalone game.

While I haven’t had the pleasure of playing The Prison yet and can’t really comment on it, I will say that if it’s like it’s predecessor it’ll definitely be worth getting. Right now you can find it at Amazon.com and game/hobby stores that carry such games.

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Ross K. Wolfe is a freelance editor and Spanish translator who writes reviews for things on the side. Hailing from Alaska, he is accustomed to beautiful vistas and normal weather, not that oven-like heat most of you are used to. He considers himself something of a scholar on the topic of the zombie apocalypse.