Zombicide Black Plague

Guillotine Games is well-known for their incredibly popular Zombicide game series and their partnership with Cool Mini or Not for some insane Kickstarter campaigns. However, if you’ve been following their annual Zombicide campaigns closely you may have seen some discontent. While people love their pop-culture referencing survivors, a lot of customers have been feeling fatigued. It looks like wanting to shake things up, Guillotine took things in a different direction. A more fantastical direction, if you will. Judging by the press release on Facebook, Black Plague will be fairly heavily D&D inspired, with Dwarves, Paladins, and other fantasy RPG staples. In addition to this, at least one expansion for Black Plague has been announced already.


Wulfsburg will be adding more D&D-inspired characters, like the dual-wielding Dark Elf, and more enemies, like some sort of werewolf-zombie hybrid enemy. A Kickstarter campaign is slated to start on June 8th. After that, production takes around a year, depending on circumstances, but if you want to get in on all the neat exclusives, and you have a few hundred bucks to spare, (seriously, these Zombicide Kickstarter campaigns can get insane) then keep an eye out for Black Plague on Kickstarter.

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