I do my best not to let myself get suckered in by teaser trailers, I really do. The fact that they almost never tell you anything useful about the product they’re selling is a bit of a turn-off for me. However, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that this new teaser trailer for the Ash vs Evil Dead didn’t have me more excited than it has any right to. I mean, it’s twenty seconds of drops of blood falling off a chainsaw and a single spoken word. And yet, it promises so much: Action, gore, deadites, dismemberment, and comedy. Credit where credit is due, whoever put this teaser together really knows the audience it’s catering to. I know that, despite my best efforts, they’ve got me hooked and wanting more.

Ash vs Evil Dead is slated for “this fall” on Starz.

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Ross K. Wolfe is a freelance editor and Spanish translator who writes reviews for things on the side. Hailing from Alaska, he is accustomed to beautiful vistas and normal weather, not that oven-like heat most of you are used to. He considers himself something of a scholar on the topic of the zombie apocalypse.