EA announced a sequel to their plants-and-zombies-based shooter, Garden Warfare, at E3 and logically enough it’s being called Garden Warfare 2. They released a trailer that, I’ll admit, is pretty fun to watch. It looks like things are going to be slightly reversed this time around, with you controlling the zombies instead of the plants in the various co-op modes. It looks like Dr. Zomboss has succeeded in taking over Suburbia but the plants still aren’t giving up, so instead of the defenders they’re now the attackers. It also looks like they’ll be adding a few classes and various plant “monster” types to fight against. Check out the trailer below.

Honestly, I wasn’t too thrilled by Garden Warfare’s gameplay myself. It was… functional. Average. There are worse horde mode co-op games out there but there are also much better. And the team deathmatch games just weren’t that fun. I’m also not sure how, aside from some graphical upgrades, this game is anything more than a cynical cash-grab, since I didn’t see anything in the trailer that couldn’t have just been DLC for the first GW game. The problem is that, as DLC, they would have had to have sold for a lot cheaper than the price of a full game. But it was just a trailer. Perhaps when the game comes out they’ll have actually made something worthwhile. Who knows? Until then, we’ll wait and see.

Garden Warfare 2 will be released on PC, PS4, and XBox One. Right now the release date is “early 2016.”

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