TTTWD Michonne

Remember how we told you about Telltale games having a big Walking Dead-related announcement at E3? Well they announced it, and it’s BIG. They are bringing out a three episode miniseries, and Michonne from the comics is the star! You will actually play as Michonne and it will cover her time from issues #126 – #139, where she temporarily left the group but then came back. They’ve said that it’s a “window of time that isn’t really explored in the comic book” and so they’re very excited to be able to fill in the gap. I know I’m excited to have it filled in. This is huge. No offense, 400 Days, but this is way cooler than a single episode of DLC.

I know that some other fans of Telltales TWD series have enjoyed not following the comics so much and wanted either new characters or perhaps following known characters from the video games but at different points in the timeline and I suppose that a fair enough argument. But come on, people while it would be awesome to play one of those stories, that doesn’t mean that this one will be any less amazing. And hey, maybe some diehard Michonne fans who haven’t played the games yet will start because of this. It’s a separate story from the normal games, so it’ll make it easier for new players to get the hang of how Telltale’s games play, making it more likely that they’ll take the plunge into the rest of the games, and bringing more fans into the fold is always a good thing.

So far the release date is just “this fall.” Disappointing, but at least it’s still this year.


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