Well I think it’s time for another Kickstarter roundup. There are a few campaigns I’ve been keeping an eye on, so I figured I’d let everyone else know about them as well.

First up is Zombicide: Black Plague. I mentioned this a while ago, and here it is. Zombicide is an incredibly popular game about killing lots and lots of zombies. It’s also pretty famous for having tons of zombie miniatures and survivors based on pop culture references. Black Plague is the new medieval-themed version of the game. It has some different rules and is obviously much more fantasy-themed than previous versions of the game. It burst past its original goal in minutes and is moving steadily on its way to breaking the $3 million mark. It’s not cheap, but you’re also getting a TON of minis with it.

Dawn of Zeds

Next we have Dawn of the Zeds, Third Edition. I’ve never actually played any of the earlier editions of this game before, but I have been trying to. It has a top-notch reputation, but it’s from a relatively small company, so it hasn’t gotten tons of exposure. I can’t speak for the game myself, yet, but I have literally never heard anything bad about this game. It might be a bit on the complicated side of games, which I like, but I know a lot of other people don’t, so that might be worth considering.

ultimate night of the living dead

Finally we have Ultimate Night of the Living Dead… again. Yeah, this one was featured on our last Kickstarter roundup, but it was a long campaign. It’ll be ending soon, but it hasn’t quite hit its funding goal. It’s close, but it’s still just a little short. I’ll be honest, I have no idea if any of these comics will be any good at all, but for some reason I kind of want to see them succeed. I’ve thought for a while now that comics are where zombies have really been advancing in terms of quality stories (though TellTale Games is doing its part to have video games take that role). But I also have my reservations about this campaign. I’m torn. So check it out and see if you don’t mind taking a chance.

Just remember that no crowdsourced project is guaranteed. Please familiarize yourself with exactly how Kickstarter and other crowdfunding sites work so you can pledge your money knowing what risks may be inherent when donating.

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Ross K. Wolfe is a freelance editor and Spanish translator who writes reviews for things on the side. Hailing from Alaska, he is accustomed to beautiful vistas and normal weather, not that oven-like heat most of you are used to. He considers himself something of a scholar on the topic of the zombie apocalypse.