The scariest part about zombies is that they could happen anywhere, anytime. Right now, the dead could be rising from their graves, or a virus in a lab could infect a single doctor who in turn infects his family, and BOOM! Zombie apocalypse. Don’t be caught unaware. Learn the skills you’ll need for survival once your neighbor craves human flesh for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here’s a checklist that can help you in case of a zombie emergency:

Know Your Auto-Mechanics

Know your machines. Hot wire a car, change a tire quickly or fix a major mechanical issue. Auto-mechanics isn’t only useful for car work. The fundamentals apply to motorcycles, lawnmowers and even generators. Learn how engines, fuel injectors, corroborators, alternators and radiators work. Also learn how to change oil, as well as break pads, because the only thing worse than a car that won’t start, is one that can’t stop.

While we’re on the topic of transportation, learn to drive a manual transmission. When you’re on the run from the horde, you don’t get a choice of which car is closest or fast. And for that matter, motorcycle proficiency is a good idea. Take a motorcycle class — not because you’ll need a licence when zombies strike, but because motorcycles aren’t a machine you just hop on and drive. A survivor will need true motorcycle skills.

Farm the Land

If you find yourself in the countryside when zombies attack the cities, you may find your best option is to stay where you are. But you can’t live off the land without some know-how. Study agricultural science and botany, so you know which farm plants will grow in the climate you’re in. Research the harvest cycle of each. If you’re a college student, learn from some of the best and smartest minds in the field. Take college courses that provide you with agricultural skills and knowledge.

Find Your Bearings

GPS devices are nice, but they won’t be around forever. Once the power dies completely, you’ll be stuck with a map and compass. If you don’t have a compass, you can find true north with nothing more than a stick in the ground. Just place a stick upright in the earth and trace the line the tip of its shadow makes as the sun slides across the sky. Once you have a substantial line in the earth stand perpendicular with the line, with the west on the left. The direction you face is true north.

Have Firearms Proficiency

While guns get a bad wrap at times, don’t be weaponless when zombies knock (or bash) on your door. Look up combat centers where you can train with instructors and learn how to use a variety of firearms. There are many firearm centers that provide instruction, such as the InSight Training Center, which provides extracurricular instruction for police, military and civilian/private sector parties. Don’t make the first shots you fire the ones that your life depends on. Learn the skills, safety and mechanical abilities you need to not only fire your gun with accuracy, but also to clean and maintain your firearm so it doesn’t jam when you’re trapped in an alley, surrounded by the undead.

About Ali Monster

Ali Monster is a dog. She's a half lab half mutt mix full of love and is immune to the Rage virus as shown by her eyes. Rumor has it she's also immune to the zombie virus but we're not willing to actually put that theory to the test. She sleep's 90% of the day but the other 10% she spends viciously slaying the undead hordes.