On April 1 st, will be launching an April Fools’ Day event for their hit zombie strategy game, Last Empire – War Z. In addition to a secret, surprise in-game event on April 1 st, players will battle powerful new enemies, collect special rewards and outfit their base and soldiers with April Fools’-themed skins.

April Fools’ 2016 is coming to Last Empire – War Z in the form of a Dark Carnival and terrifying Clown Zombies. Players will fight huge Clown Zombies found throughout the world map. These new enemies are tougher than regular zombies, but players can team up with alliance members to safely take them down. Clown Zombies drop rich rewards when defeated, which can be unlocked by collecting key cards. Mysterious Zombie Carnivals will randomly appear on the world map and will grant rewards to players who find and explore them.

April Fools’ items will also allow players to transform their command centers and cities into festive Zombie Circuses and their troops into hordes of zombies. Be the first of your friends or alliance members to outfit your base and troops for April Fools’ Day and imagine the look on your enemies’ faces when your zombie troops overrun their base!

Last Empire – War Z will have other in-game events, such as in the practice range

where firing practice rounds earns greater and greater rewards.

Event Key Features:

·         Experience a special surprise in-game event on April 1 st

·         Fight powerful new enemies – Clown Zombies – that drop rich rewards

·         Discover special resources in the World Map – Dark Carnivals – that give resource rewards!

·         Collect new items to unlock Clown Zombie reward drops

·         Equip zombie-themed skins for your marching troops

·         Outfit your base in April Fools themed base-skins. Be the envy of the Last Empire!

·         Compete in special events to earn resources and April Fools event items.

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Last Empire – War Z is available to download for free on iOS and Android devices.

Google Play Store – Android

Apple App Store – iOS

About Last Empire – War Z:

Last Empire – War Z is a Free-to-Play mobile strategy game where players battle zombies and other survivors to build and grow their empire. Join an alliance and team up with your allies to defeat powerful enemies, develop your bases and compete in in-game events. Become the strongest alliance in your state and take control of the Last Empire.

About is a fast growing mobile game developer located in Beijing, China. Founded in March 2015, has grown from a 5 person startup to a 50+ employee game studio and a Google Play Top Developer. The founding team includes members with experience from Facebook, Baidu and Zynga. In August 2015, launched Last Empire – War Z, a hit strategy title released globally in 17 different languages.

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