Horrible scary zombie man on the ruins of an old house. Horror. Halloween.

Horrible scary zombie man on the ruins of an old house. Horror. Halloween.

With the recent popularity of “The Walking Dead” and other zombie-related movies and TV programs, you might say zombies are all the rage right now. But have you ever considered how zombies could help you get physically fit?

Read on to learn how to incorporate these slow-creeping lurkers into your fitness regimen.

Zombie Apps

There truly is an app for everything. And zombie apps are no exception. The “Zombies, Run!” app is the perfect way to put some spring in your step while running. Tired of staring at the timer on the treadmill? No worries. This app will keep you on your toes. Running along your street will never be the same.

Basically, the app puts you smack dab in the middle of a fictional world where you are running from herds of zombies. Though you can listen to your own tunes while running with this app, you will receive fake radio alerts and voiceovers that help you collect supplies on your mission. This feature also lets you know when zombies are chasing you, forcing you to increase your speed.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the perfect companion to have on you while you are out-running zombies. It is water-resistant so it can go the distance through sweat and rain.

Organized Zombie Run

Another fun way zombies can help you get in shape is by taking part in an organized zombie run. These zombie-infested 5K runs are incredibly popular right now and are held across the country. Here’s how these races work:

You’re not running against a clock in this race, but rather running away from blood-hungry zombies. Prior to the race, you receive flag belts — similar to ones you’d wear in a flag-football game — and the zombies try to take your flags throughout the run. If you lose all your flags, you receive the “infected” medal at the finish line. But if you finish with at least one flag, you earn a “survivor” medal.

There is a start line and a finish line. Throughout the race, you can try to avoid zombies by taking various routes that all lead to the finish line. However, some routes are longer, so your race length may double if you choose the wrong path. Bottom line: This will easily be one of the most fun races you’ll ever run.

Eat Like a Zombie

Well, not exactly. Zombies are carnivorous creatures and some health experts believe that’s exactly what can help you lose weight. The Paleolithic and Atkins diets are focused on high protein and little carbohydrates (and, when you do indulge in carbs, they must be specific “healthy” ones).

The Paleo diet, also known as the caveman diet, is based on eating foods that were available to Paleolithic humans. This diet includes vegetables, fruits, nuts, roots and meats. Excluded from this diet are any items including dairy, grains, sugar, legumes, salt, alcohol and caffeine.

On the other hand, the Atkins diet is a low-carb, weight-loss program that allows you to eat meat, cheese and butter (within reason), in addition to vegetables and some fruits, depending on which stage of the diet you are in.

However, if none of the above options are for you, you can always turn on The Walking Dead and get exercise by jumping out of your seat.

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