thumbnail_hear-the-living-deadHEAR THE LIVING DEAD is a retro synth / synthwave compilation album featuring 31 songs. This diverse collection of songs is a tribute to all things zombie – from cultural behemoth The Walking Dead (the figurative Star Wars of horror at this point) all the way back to the film that started it all, Night of the Living Dead, this FREE compilation should sooth the burn of the recent Walking Deadpremiere.

Right in time for Halloween 2016, these tracks are the perfect soundtrack to spook trick or treaters, play in the background of a haunted house, or better yet…as the soundtrack to an actual zombie apocalypse.

Fans of synthwave, outrun, retrowave, horror synth, horror soundtracks, prog rock, The Walking Dead, Z Nation, Zombieland, and so much more will love to HEAR THE LIVING DEAD.

Released October 25, 2016

Album Mastered By: Amplitude Problem and Max James

Poster By: KFDDA

Team Leaders: Jon of the Shred, Jean Pierre Van Damme

(Full Scythe Team List: