A male bow hunter wearing gas mask, draws back on his bow

A male bow hunter wearing gas mask, draws back on his bow

An estimated 60 percent of Americans are not prepared for a disaster, according to FEMA. That means when the zombie apocalypse hits, over half the country will be panicking. Will you and your family be among those who are ready? Being prepared will require strong self-defense capabilities, reliable life support systems and mobility. Here’s a checklist of some essentials you can’t afford to be without if you want to be prepared.

Weapons and Self-Defense Equipment

For hunting and self-defense, reliable weapons are an essential. ArmsBearingCitizen.com recommends a rimfire rifle, like the Ruger 10/22, as a primary weapon, partly due to the widespread availability of .22 LR ammunition. Off the Grid News ranks shotguns, including the arsenal from the Mossberg 500 series, at the top of its list of preferred weapons for its versatility as a hunting and home defense weapon.

Alternately, you could substitute a combat rifle like the AR-15 for these two weapons. For bigger game and long-range defense, you’ll also want your long gun collection to include a centerfire rifle in a caliber large enough to kill the biggest game in your area. For personal defense, you need a semi-automatic handgun such as a 9mm Glock 17 or 19. For backup personal defense and for hunting small game, a .22 handgun will come in handy, especially since it can use the same ammunition as a .22 rimfire. Bowhunting equipment and bear and pepper spray are also useful.

For defense, covert body armor is useful for everyday situations, while overt body armor is useful for going into combat situations. The Prepper Journal recommends that your covert armor should have Coolmax fabric for comfort and a NIJ level of IIa or II for a combination of protection and flexibility. For overt armor, a Level IIIa vest with Level III or IV hard armor plates will provide stronger protection.

Survival Kit

A comprehensive survival kit can include hundreds of items. One category of items you need is basic tools, including

  • Quality pocket knives and other knives, as well as a knife sharpener
  • Illumination sources, including a flashlight, lantern and candles
  • An everyday carry bag and hiking backpack
  • Tools like axes, saws, scissors, hammers, nails and duct tape

To make a fire, you’ll need a lighter, waterproof matches, a magnifying glass and tinder. For heat and staying dry, you’ll need a blanket, a sleeping bag, butane or propane heater, rain jacket, rubber boots, a tent and tarp. You’ll also want some climate-appropriate clothes, including boots, wool socks, jackets, hats, gloves and sunglasses.

To stay hydrated, you’ll want to pack bottles, a canteen, collection tank and purification supplies. You’ll probably want to eat food, so bring some hunting and fishing equipment; consumables you can stockpile, like rice, canned food and energy bars; and cooking and eating supplies, such as a can opener, cooking pan, portable stove, utensils, garbage bags and moist towelettes. If you have pets, don’t forget pet food.

Your medical kit should include pain relievers, like aspirin, cold medicine, benzocaine gel for toothaches and a first-aid kit.

No one wants to get lost or lose sight of their trail, so bring as map, GPS system and compass. You’ll also want communications equipment, including a smartphone, radios, batteries, flares, and paper, pencils or pens.

For short-term survival situations, backup power should also be considered. Essential items here include rechargeable batteries, a solar battery charger, USB solar charger and a car phone charger, an electric generator and butane and propane tanks.

Transportation Equipment

Transportation equipment is another essential. In addition to motor vehicles and bicycles, you’ll also need vehicle operation, maintenance, repair and emergency equipment. This includes gas, oil, spare all-terrain tires, a tire repair kit, pump, jumper cables and cable ties.

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