Scopely and Skybound continue to expand The Walking Dead: Road to Survival mobile game universe with all new interactive experiences available today. The action comes to a head in World at War, the largest update for The Walking Dead: Road to Survival yet. World at War is a massive in-game event that introduces a five-week-long story arc reflecting the “All Out War” story arc from the comic series and the bloody and brutal narrative of Season 7 of The Walking Dead TV series, just in time for the mid-season premiere on Sunday, February 12.

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival continues to be a Top Grossing game two years after launch, with more than 34 million players inhabiting the dynamic in-game world. The World at War update extends the story and heightens the action with new characters including Kirkman Signature Series characters with new combat tech to aid in battle.

Also available today is The Walking Dead: Road to Survival Facebook Messenger chatbot, a gripping text-based adventure related to the “All Out War” storyline. Scopely and Skybound have partnered with MatPat of The Game Theorists, who will be a part of the chatbot experience and holds the secret phrase for fans to win limited edition Skybound merchandise, from Megaboxes and comics signed by Robert Kirkman to 5-star in-game characters. MatPat himself will be turned into a character in the chatbot as well as an in-game character in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival, continuing the journey among the most powerful survivors in the game.

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival is available now as a free download on iOS and Android. Existing players only need to update their game to access the World at War update. The Walking Dead: Road to Survival chatbot experience is available now through Facebook Messenger or by visiting The Walking Dead: Road to Survival’s Facebook page and clicking on “Message” to begin the adventure.