Independent video game publisher and developer Pixel Toys has announced it will release the virtual reality zombie shooter Drop Dead this spring on Oculus Rift.

Inspired by the quick-trigger excitement of 3D arcade classics, Drop Dead gives players an arsenal of zombie-slaying weaponry and high-tech gadgets to use against the nefarious Dr. Monday in a fast-paced adventure mixing sci-fi horror and humor. Players can blast limbs off the shambling hordes of the undead to slow their advance, and an engaging combo system rewards those with true aim and accuracy with each shot.

Drop Dead, which debuted last year on Samsung Gear VR Powered by Oculus, will arrive on Oculus Rift with complete support for the intuitive controls of Oculus Touch and a graphical upgrade for an even more heart-pounding, immersive experience. The game will launch with 27 single-player story missions, as well as real-time competitive multiplayer for up to four players online using their own customized Oculus Avatars and a cooperative horde mode.

The Gear VR edition of Drop Dead will receive a free update when the game arrives on Oculus Rift containing all the original content launching with the Oculus Rift version of the game, including 14 new story missions, three bonus weapons and co-op horde mode.