Today we would like to share 1/6th sale AMC’s The Walking Dead Michonne collectible pre-order info. But first, we want to thank everyone for their patience and for supporting our The Walking Dead license!

Michonne will be available for pre-order at for limited time only, starting from March 31st 9:00AM Hong Kong time. Price: 165USD / 1285HKD with worldwide shipping included in the price.

In addition we will have threezero Official Website exclusive and it’s 1/6 Michonne Premium Set With Pet Walker Twin Pack. Price: 360USD / 2800HKD with worldwide shipping included in the price.

Please keep in mind: If you already had an account at our old store, you will need to complete quick and easy registration procedure again at threezero Official Website.

Michonne collectible figure stands approximately 12” (30.5cm) tall it’s a fully-articulated and highly detailed collectible, featuring realistic likeness to her on-screen appearance, including tailored and weathered clothing and in addition comes with cloak, belt, messenger bag, and katana sword with scabbard and strap. Collectible figure features soft PVC dermis on the arms and two pairs of exchangeable hands.

If you plan to pre-order 1/6 Michonne Premium Set With Pet Walker Twin Pack, please find detailed information about Pets below.

1/6th scale The Walking Dead – Michonne collectible details:

  • 12” (30.5cm) tall articulated figure featuring tailored clothing
  • Head sculpt with realistic likeness to the character portrayed in the critically acclaimed series
  • Soft PVC dermis on the arms
  • Weathered clothing
  • Cloak
  • Belt
  • Messenger bag
  • Katana sword with scabbard and strap
  • Exchangeable hands
  • One pair of relaxed hands
  • One pair of gripped hands for holding weapons

1/6 Michonne Premium Set With Pet Walker Twin Pack:

  • In addition to 1/6th scale Michonne collectible; this pack includes two Pets Walkers
  • Each figure stands around ~12 inches (30.5 cm) tall
  • Fully-articulated figure
  • Articulated head, shoulder, and waist covered by an authentic soft skin-like material for the whole torso
  • Strong attention to detail, inducing realistic rotten flesh appearance, resembling the characters in the show
  • Realistic paint application to highlight all the details and freshly deceased look and feel
  • Detailed clothing with detachable backpack
  • Real metal leash with chain attached
  • A pair of severed arms

* Final product may vary from prototype images.