Mystery Mini: The Walking Dead – In Memoriam

The apocalypse has a way of taking even the best ones. They might be gone, but not forgotten!

This series features previous characters from AMC’s The Walking Dead! Each box includes some of the most memorable characters, who are no longer with us, including Shane, Lori, Andrea and many more!

Which character from AMC’s The Walking Dead will you get?

Collect them this Spring!

Coming in June!

Via: Funko.

About Ali Monster

Ali Monster is a dog. She's a half lab half mutt mix full of love and is immune to the Rage virus as shown by her eyes. Rumor has it she's also immune to the zombie virus but we're not willing to actually put that theory to the test. She sleep's 90% of the day but the other 10% she spends viciously slaying the undead hordes.