AppSwarm, Inc., a company that focuses on the acquisition and development of application-based technologies, announces the launch of a marketing campaign for its upcoming zombie-based mobile game Dead Uncleansed.

The company is pleased to announce its marketing initiative for their new and exciting zombie mobile game Dead Uncleansed. Dead Uncleansed is a “Tower Defense” game set in a near-future world where an evil dictator has manufactured and released a virus. The virus is turning the “infected” into evil zombies that are hell-bent on destruction and killing everything in their path. You possess the ability to place tactical units in their way as you battle from your town, across a seaport, through a forest, and finally into a military base where an antidote is being worked on.

There are 12 “ordinary” zombies and 4 bosses. Among the 12 ordinary ones, there is a Zombie Assault Vehicle unit, which is capable of destroying existing towers. Each tower has 5 upgrades from level 1 to level 5. Each upgrade increases range, fire rate and damage to the towers. Players buy upgrades with gold coins, which may be obtained as in-app purchases to ease the upgrade process.

Ron Brewer, the CEO of AppSwarm, commented, “We are very excited about the anticipated launch of our exciting new mobile game Dead Uncleansed. Not only will this game add to our already profitable operations, but it may also open the door for a series of new games under the Dead Uncleansed brand name. Our developmental team put a lot of effort into getting the game ready for market over the past few months, and now we will begin marketing the Dead Uncleansed name to build a following among gamers.”