Wounds, a 56-page graphic novel now available on Amazon and Comixology, is written and illustrated by Gary Scott Beatty, who revealed comic shop owners’ humanity in Number One and dropped us into 1957 in Jazz: Midnight.

“I always enjoy stories that force me to pay attention,” writes Beatty in the intro to the free preview. “The X-Files, Lost, Grant Morrison’s Invisibles, Alan Moore’s Watchmen. Great classics, sure, but they are missing something: zombies.”

Beatty promises a jarring story with an orbiting space ark and death in a tuxedo. “The whole thing may just be a fever dream by a Black Death sufferer. All will be explained, I promise.” The free preview “just scratches the surface” of Wounds’ plot, said Beatty. CLICK HERE to download a copy.

“The whole book began with me thinking about how to make comics more exciting. I ended up with this ‘eternal waking’ style of storytelling that doesn’t allow readers time for boredom.”

Beatty’s book was picked up by Caliber Comics after it ran serialized in three issues of Strange Horror, a digital comic Kickstarted at 142% of goal. For those who think the zombie genre may have run its course, Beatty promises that Wounds “drags the zombie genre, kicking and screaming, into new territory.”


Wounds throws us into a world where nothing is beyond doubt, except a father’s concern for his wife and daughter. If you enjoy that “What th-?” factor in graphic novels, you’ll enjoy Wounds.