Headup Games announced today’s mobile release of  Anybody Out There: Dead City. Developed by Everbyte, this real-time text adventure creates a unique atmosphere by the use of simple means – it will fascinate its players from the start until the very end.

You play as yourself: An unknown person called “Sam” – gender unknown – contacts you via a fictional messaging app, finding themselves in a hostile, post-apocalyptic world filled with undead people. Sam asks for your help, which is, in fact, to support them with important decisions and some – sublime – mental support. After a few words, you will find yourself in the center of a thrilling adventure in which all of your decisions have an impact on the story. The growing friendship between you and Sam contributes to the special atmosphere of  Anybody Out There: Dead City.

For the ease of fluid gameplay, the answers possible are predefined, but always feel comprehensible and natural. At multiple points of the story, a comparison between your decisions and those of other players will appear – definitely an interesting feature for many people. Furthermore, there will be some forced breaks, when Sam is exploring something or otherwise absent, which also enhances the realism of the game. Then you only can wait and hope that your decision was the right one, with Sam returning healthy.

Anybody Out There: Dead City  is now available on the  App Store and  Google Play for only $0,99, €0.99 and £0.79 – get infected today!

About Anybody Out There: Dead City:

“Hello? Is anybody out there?”

A message from an unknown number. Will you answer?

Anybody Out There: Dead City is a game in which you emerge completely in an incredibly captivating real-time adventure.

Your choice of response will determine the fate of a complete stranger and decide over life and death. He – or she – is reaching out for your help as the last straw.

The only thing at your disposal: Your phone and the messenger application. And your wits and empathy.

Become part of the story and help this stranger called Sam to survive the post-apocalyptic nightmare!

Sam is trapped inside an evacuated zone with no food, no equipment and without anyone to talk to. For Sam and yourself, answering the call marks the beginning of an immersive journey filled with dangers, unforeseen actions and the stench of death being omnipresent.

Your decisions and interactions heavily influence the unfolding plot and are the deciding factor in the course of the entire story.