With its big zombie update, indie game Header Goal VR: Being Axel Rix is transitioning from early-access to full release. It’s available on Steam and Oculus platforms on August 17th.

It’s enough with the training, now It’s time to face the real challenge for Axel Rix who is a young, talented but notoriously big-headed soccer player. A desperate alien intrudes on Axel’s life and threatens him with destroying the world unless Axel accepts to go back with him to his planet.

What does the new update offer for VR gamers?

  •         The story of Axel Rix goes on and takes a turn after he meets Agent S.C.A.R.Z who is  an alien.
  •         In addition to the training episode there is brand new zombie episode including  10 chapters.
  •          Zombies! FYI: They can dance.
  •         A  Boss Fight
  •         Balls: Burning, freezing, exploding and moving like  missiles.
  •         Now Axel has  “Bazooka Head”. His head turns into a bazooka firing cannon balls.
  •         Traps, holes,  destructible objects
  •         And so much fun!

Steam:  http://store.steampowered.com/app/532120/Header_Goal_VR_Being_Axel_Rix/

Oculus:  https://www.oculus.com/experiences/rift/1074931595875342/