Popular mobile strategy game Last Empire – War Z is celebrating its 2nd anniversary with rewards, events, and an amazing live-action video! The new “Ally or Die” 2nd Anniversary Video follows five WarZ Commanders backwards through time as they battle enemies and relive some “newbie” mistakes while they form a powerful Alliance. Each Commander’s WarZ story is based on a real WarZ moment submitted by a player.

During the 2nd Anniversary event, Last Empire – War Z Commanders can view the personal milestones of their own personal WarZ journey and share these moments with their friends on Facebook. Players can also kill zombies for lucrative 2nd Anniversary rewards and give in-game gifts to their friends. The game has also released a new Officer, brought the powerful Battle Weapons System online, and is offering extra special discounted offers. Contest winners can even receive real-life WarZ Officer figurines delivered by mail!

Last Empire – War Z’s Commanders have battled, upgraded, gathered resources and found ways to survive for the last two years. The WarZ Journey feature will give them a snapshot of their personal WarZ journey and timeline! Players can then share their amazing WarZ journey with their friends on Facebook.

Last Empire – War Z is going stronger than ever after two years, with over 80 million downloads and one million current Daily Active Users. Players take the role of the Commander of a survivor Base after the zombie apocalypse. Commanders can train soldiers, gather resources, kill zombies, and battle other player survivors to plunder resources and earn rewards. Join an alliance and compete together with your Allies in daily and weekly activities and special events. Last Empire – War Z has recently launched even more special events, including the WarZ Arena (a 4on4 battle on a special map), the War Game (eight servers battle for supremacy), the Military Fort Tanner Battle (the strongest WarZ players battle to be crowned Emperor of WarZ) and more!

Key Content:

  • Last Empire – War Z is celebrating its 2nd Anniversary starting Sept 8th
  • Live Action “Ally or Die” trailer released on YouTube, Facebook
  • The trailer features an alliance of WarZ characters reliving hilarious “newbie” mistakes based on actual stories from WarZ Commanders.
  • Players can view their WarZ Journey milestones in-game and share on Facebook
  • Killing Zombies drops special 2nd Anniversary reward items that can be exchanged for huge rewards
  • A new Officer and the brand-new Battle Weapons system coming online
  • Special Deals and gifts also available


Last Empire – War Z Key Features

  • Zombie-themed, Free-to-play mobile strategy game
  • Train fearsome Zombie Troops. Send your enemies fleeing in terror from your zombie army!
  • Test your skills in the 4on4 WarZ Arena or 8-server “War Game” battle
  • Recruit powerful Officers to fight for you, each with their own unique special abilities
  • Build and develop your city: A variety of tech, equipment and skill trees let you develop your city, your way. Competitions and prizes for non-combat activities reward players who prioritize development or resources!
  • Zombies are fun! What’s more fun than battling zombies? Squish zombies with your finger!

Download Last Empire – War Z and play for free at:

Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.longtech.lastwars.gp&hl=en

Apple App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/last-empire-war-z-strategy/id1040083067?mt=8