Neobricks is announcing that Zombie Blitz (ZBlitz), Free to Play FPS game on Facebook Gameroom, is now updated to version 4.5 and a new in-game intro video is presented. Neobricks informed that a major update, concerning v5.0 will be released at the end of October 2017.

4.5 Update Note:

  • Newbie TDM mode added in PvP Mode: A Team Deathmatch mode only for beginners.
  • New Asia and Europe PvP Channel added: There will be 3 PvP servers for all Global players.
  • New in-game Intro video

A pandemy spreads in the 21st century. Infected citizens turn into living dead.

The most powerful organizations, Union and NewNation, fail to accomplish their mission. The virus keeps advancing, too fast.

Download ZBlitz here:

About ZBlitz:

Free to Play FPS game on Facebook Gameroom, where the user plays the role of a hunter in a dystopic, post-apocalyptic world. However, what has to be hunted is not animals, only hordes of zombies. Like in classic railshooters, players need to fight their way through masses of infected. The player can choose his main hunter among different characters, each having his own backstory and skillset. While progressing through the single player campaign, the user will be able to switch and upgrade their weapons. Multiplayer mode is available as well, where hunters from all around the globe can compete against each other — in Team Death Match, free for all or mission targets.