Get ready for a zombie invasion, just in time for Halloween! Indie game developer Dreamscape 168 proudly announces the Android release of its zombie-themed, free-to-play, infinite running game Z-Run, available beginning Halloween day, on the Google Play Store.

The goal of Z-Run is to survive by running as fast and far as possible along a narrow, dynamically generated pathway, all while escaping a pack of unpredictable zombies. Featuring fluid, physics-based movement, and dynamic, colorful 3D environments, Z-Run challenges players to escape aggressive zombies that appear anywhere along an ever changing pathway. The keys to surviving this highly engaging zombie apocalypse are well-timed turns, keen observation and endurance, along with a healthy dose of superchargers and protective shields that can be found along the way. Without these, players face certain death by falling off the narrow path, or by a full zombie assault. Powered by a cast of 30 iconic characters and 6 exciting levels of game-play, Z-Run creates a tricky, demanding and immersive gaming experience that is not for the faint of heart.

With Z-Run the feeling of being relentlessly pursued by very dark forces is channeled into a mobile game, transforming the terrifying into the entertaining. Unlike other infinite running games like Running Fred and Crossy Road, Z-Run players see the character’s face as they run through various environments, not the character’s back. This subtle change creates a greater connection to on-screen characters leading to an enhanced overall gaming experience.

Z-Run is available for free download now:

About Dreamscape 168:
Dreamscape 168 was founded with the goal of creating fun games for everyone to enjoy. Based in California, it is our mission to create quality games that endlessly entertain and keep players coming back for more.

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