Virtual Amigos a leading developer in mobile VR reveals first Augmented Reality zombie shooter game, Zombies AR: Defend Your House. Yet another first-person zombie shooter? Sure, but the best one so far.


With over 2.6 million VR-related downloads, Virtual Amigos is one of the most successful power houses on mobile VR. Innovation distinguishes a leader from a follower and so the Amigos took a leap into the deep.

The zombie shooter games are brought to your living room!  Do you have guts of gators and nerves of steel? Will you hide in your bedroom closet or will you transform your house to a post-apocalyptic battlefield? Take cover behind your kitchen table and get ouf of your lazy chair, for the undead are there. Coming for you in the place you thought you were most safe.

This first-person shooter (FPS) game is very easy to use as you aim with your mobile device. At this point there are multiple missions available, including a boss fight with fireballs and an endless survival option. You collect cash by killing zombies. This cash can be spent on weapons such as a rocket launcher and skills increasing health and damages.

Zombies AR: Defend Your House is going to be the first of many AR experiences. Augmented Reality has a fresh curiosity of a broad audience. Especially among iOS users, Apple strives to be the leading AR platform and is really pushing this cutting-edge technology. The game is compatible for the latest iOS 11 devices, and therefore tailored and optimized for Apple’s latest generation hardware.

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