With the arrival of the holiday season, NetEase has rolled out new gaming modes for its new, innovative battle-royale mobile game Survivor Royale, in order to provide outstanding gaming experiences to every player: The Zombie mode and the 50vs50 group battle are making their debuts together, allowing every battle-royale lover to feel the ingenuity of NetEase when playing the game.

Developed by NetEase to Create An Unadulterated Battle-Royale Gaming Experience!

Survivor Royale is a battle-royale mobile game ingeniously developed by NetEase, renowned Chinese video game company. It is now available for download globally on Google Play and the iOS App Store, and has won the recognition of many battle-royale mobile game enthusiasts.

In order to bring unadulterated gaming thrills to players, Survivor Royale has inherited vintage battle-royale gaming modes, allowing gamers to enjoy the fun of fighting for survival during gameplay.

The game features three different playing modes: one-player, two-player, and four-player. Players can fight alongside each other through real-time voice exchanges. After launching the game, all players will land on an island scene bare-handed. They can arm themselves by collecting various weapons, accessories, protective gear and medicines.

In addition, players can also drive their vehicles to attack each other and ransack goods and resources. As time elapses, secured perimeters within each scene continue to shrink, and only players who have survived till the very last moment can triumph!

Innovative Gaming Experience; Zombie Mode & 50 V 50 Mode Beyond Your Imagination!

In addition to retaining unadulterated gaming modes of battle-royale games, Survivor Royale also bestows new thrills upon gamers via constant innovation.

In the recently updated Zombie Siege, players can enter a gaming scene in groups of four to go up against zombies of various types as well as other players within the scene. During the course of fighting off zombies and seeking out secured zones, players are required to put their survival wisdom into play, while teaming up with their partners to survive until the very last moment. Based on the actual situation under the current environment, different teams even need to form a temporary alliance in order to defeat zombies and help each other escape.

In the 50V50 mode, 100 gamers are divided into two teams made up of 50 players each, before they are flown into scenes on the map on two airplanes. Under the 50V50 mode, the 50 players within the same camp form a team. When the camp which players belong to becomes the last and only surviving camp, these players will emerge as victors of the game!

Limited Christmas Availability; New Skins & New Activities for A Pleasant Surprise!

As Christmas draws near, Survivor Royale serves up a holiday season surprise for many battle-royale enthusiasts!

Now, Christmas gift boxes with limited availability can also be found in the game. Players who purchase these in-game gift boxes will be rewarded with personalized skins such as fashionable Christmas outfits and guns. If you miss this opportunity, you will have to wait another year!

Furthermore, Survivor Royale is also rolling out a plethora of gaming activities for gamers, allowing them to claim their awards after logging in and experiencing the battle.

Now, brand new ways to play the game and holiday activities are officially available on Survivor Royale. Whether you want to experience an unadulterated battle-royale mobile game, or wish to have brand new gaming fun via new modes such as Zombie and 50V50, you can just log in the game and team up with your teammates and fight till the very last moment!

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