These days, it seems as though you can’t turn on the TV, go to a comic book store or scour the movie listings without seeing at least one mention of zombies. Indeed, the undead have certainly grown in popularity and done a great job of taking over plenty of entertainment sources, much to your delight.

While the characters — both living and decaying — are pretty compelling in these tales, you also have to love the other stars: the escape vehicles. From zippy motorcycles to massive tanks and everything in between, the heroes and heroines of zombie movies, TV shows and comics feature plenty of cool vehicles.

Here are three great examples of some of the best zombie-escaping vehicles ever made:

1. Will Smith’s Car in I Am Legend

The 2007 film I Am Legend, starring Will Smith, featured a number of escape vehicles. But one that definitely stands out among fans is the massive 2007 Ford Expedition EL U354 that the former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air drove throughout the film; after all, its massive size offered plenty of room to store zombie-escaping supplies — both inside and on the roof — and it had the power, speed and sheer strength to get out of any undead threat. But this type of escape vehicle isn’t just relegated to the movies.

If you own a massive SUV — and find yourself channeling your inner zombie fighter while running errands — you can take steps to outfit your vehicle like the one Smith drove. For example, Smith’s Ford Explorer also boasted a pretty amazing set of rugged tires that were capable of running over just about anything in any type of weather or road condition. Indeed, if you want the same for your SUV, you can’t go wrong with something like the Ironman All Country A/T from

Additionally, this tire features an all-terrain performance that will also let you go off-road, and the tread pattern is specially designed to provide excellent traction in rain, mud and light snow. Plus, the Ironman All Country A/T just looks like a tire that can take on the zombies and win. Case in point: It features large tread blocks, deep grooves and wide-angled lateral grooves that will figuratively spit out mud, rain and snow at any undead zombie that might be following you.

2. The 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88

Zombie film enthusiasts no doubt recall some of the more distinguished escape vehicles featured on the silver screen. As Deadites Online notes, the 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 has become a trademark and synonymous car for filmmaker, actor and producer Sam Raimi. Known as “The Classic,” this 70s-style ride has appeared in countless films in which Raimi has directed, including The Evil Dead and Army of Darkness.

As an interesting aside, Raimi’s father once bought a brand new Delta 88, which may help explain why the younger Raimi likes to include it in many of his films. In The Evil Dead, Ash (Bruce Campbell) uses his knowledge of chemistry, his trusty Oldsmobile and whatever he can find in his trunk to create a zombie-killing vehicle that included a whirling blade of death.

Oldsmobile manufactured two different versions of the Delta 88: the 350 cubic inch V-8 with 150-horsepower and the 455 cubic inch V-8 with 250-horsepower; either would be a decent choice for Ash to drive. Indeed, this powerful and strong engine has enough juice to get the Delta 88 out of the way of the undead.

3. The Land Rover in 28 Days Later

Another iconic zombie-escaping vehicle is the Land Rover featured in 28 Days Later. If you plan to knock off as many zombies as possible, it’s important to equip your SUV with an effective weapon. In the 2002 film, several machine guns were mounted on the Land Rover that the soldiers used to gun down the infected.

In addition to offering plenty of roof space to house the machine guns, the Land Rover featured a roomy interior, with ample room for the soldiers to get in and shoot their way to relative safety. While it certainly doesn’t provide the best gas mileage, a Land Rover has the reliable and rugged engine you’ll want for any zombie-escaping escapades.

Embrace Your Inner Zombie Fighter with Help From Your Vehicle

While you might not ever get the chance to escape from real zombies, it’s sure fun to use your imagination. Thanks to films, TV shows and comic books starring the undead, it’s clear you need more than smarts, weapons and a team of zombie fighters to keep you safe — you also need an amazing, rugged vehicle to help you escape the zombie wrath.

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