Titan Forged Games, Lda., a small independent Portuguese video game development company, released today the third episode of its Mexican novela Tank De La Muerta, a teaser for Tanks Meet Zombies, its upcoming game.

Enrique tries to ask advice from his friend Clara however, the conversation does not go as he expects.

Tanks Meet Zombies takes place two days after the conclusion of the novela. As a tank, the player must undergo a Tanks’ Night Out and meet new Zombies the only way a tank can: through devastation, utter destruction and carnage. With more than 10 unlockable weapons and 5 unlockable tanks, players are able to blast through their dates on the game’s several environments, defeating bosses (56k-modem- powered helicopters, giant matriarch spiders and more) along the way.

But what is a Tanks’ Night Out without other Tank-friends? In Tanks Meet Zombies, the player is able to locally join with up to three additional friends and “co-omp” their way through the game’s 3 modes: Campaign, Arcade, and Survival. Additionally, the game features a Versus mode so that Tanks can fight over any zombie that catches their eyes.

Tanks Meet Zombies is coming out on February, 14th 2018. You can check out the steam page (http://store.steampowered.com/app/743340/Tanks_Meet_Zombies/) and the novela’s third episode (https://youtu.be/VobljUNzbEQ)

System’s Requirement: Tanks Meet Zombies will require a 5th generation Intel CPU, at least 2GB of RAM, 800MB of free space and a Direct X 10 compatible GPU.