The Frozen Dead

Let it go, let it go When I’ll rise like the Dead of the dawn Let it go, let it go a zombie-inspired frozen design. elsa about to eat her sis Available at Red Bubble

Head Shot!

Snipe snipe snipe.. All day long.. Snipe snipe snipe.. While I sing this song. First-person shooter, sniping zombies in the head. Available at Red Bubble

The Wookiee Dead

Now a Star Wars and The Walking Dead mash up really does sound wonderful.. Or how about a Wookie and Dixon team up?! Yes, they can become zombies too. Available at Neatoshop.

Brain Bits Cereal

Just what ever ‘Return of the Living Dead’ zombie wants to start off their day right! a cereal for zombies and humans who want to become a Available at Red Bubble